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Artist | Clarence Kinjun
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Gulnay Traditional Owner

Clarence Kinjun working on his large format traditional Bagu

Clarence Kinjun is a Gulnay man of the Tully River region. He is a language speaker and a well known and respected maker of traditional objects such as shields, boomerangs, swords — objects traditionally made and painted by men. Clarence’s grandfather was the last initiated man of the Tully River area. Through this lineage, he remains a holder of significant cultural knowledge.

Clarence Kinjun

Footage Courtesy of Wet Tropics

2019 Various, Manggan, Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre at Melbourne Museum
2017 Various, Manggan, Museum of Tropical North QLD

2015 Marine Bagu, Maritime Museum Sydney, NSW 

2015 Bagu with Jiman, British Museum, London 

2012 Bagu with Jiman, University of QLD Art Museum
2012 30 Years Under 30 Years, Mossenson Gallery VIC2 011 QR Tilt Train, Art + Place Project , Launched Cairns September
2011 Bagu on the Strand, Strand Ephemera, Townsville, Artistic Excellence Award
2011 CIAF, Cruise Terminal Cairns
2011 Bunyadinyu Bagu, Suzanne O’Connell Gallery
2011 Inclusion on signage for the Tully District Heritage Trail
2010 Gulnay Country My Home My Paradise DVD produced by Girringun
2007 Girringun Land and Sea Conference

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