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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

Own works from the FIRST national touring exhibition of contemporary works by award-winning artists from Far North Queensland's Girringun Aboriginal Arts Centre.


Nineteen Girringun artists’ superbly handcrafted works were displayed alongside collection objects and reproductions of historic photographs from the South Australian Museum. Together, they provided an unique opportunity for audiences Australia wide to engage with the distinctive Aboriginal rainforest art, traditions and culture of the Girringun region.

Featured artists: Daniel Beeron, George Beeron Snr, Maureen Beeron, Theresa Beeron, Nancy Cowan, Nephi Denham, Sandra Escott, Tonya Grant, Judith Henry, Clarence Kinjun, Doris Kinjun, Abe Muriata, Alison Murray, Debra Murray, Emily Murray, John Murray, Ninney Murray, S. Murray (dec) and Eileen Tep.

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