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Artist | Theresa Beeron
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Jirrbal & Girramay Traditional Owner
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Theresa Beeron is a Jirrbal/ Girramay Traditional Owner. She is based in Murray Upper, North-West of Cardwell, Queensland.


Theresa is an accomplished painter, potter and weaver.


As a child, Theresa was taught to weave by her Mother. She specialises in finely crafted Mindi, Burrajingal and Jawun traditional baskets. These unique baskets are woven meticulously with special rainforest and river grasses. 

Theresa’s striking pieces mirror the environment in which she lives. Her art speaks to audiences, telling both her personal story and the story of her ancestors. Theresa’s artwork has been acquired by private collections and institutions such as Sydney’s Art Bank and the Queensland Art Gallery. She regularly facilitates workshops, provides cultural advice and continues to pass on her weaving skills to younger generations.

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