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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

Beautiful linen tea towel featuring artwork by Ethel Murray.

Ethel Murray is a Girramay woman, based in Cardwell, North Queensland.


She is an award winning painter and ceramicist, creating one of a kind Bigin bowls and Bagu sculptures. As a contemporary artist, Ethel’s work is bright, fresh and reflects her vibrant environment. Despite her modern style, Ethel pays homage to her roots, often opting for a traditional colour palette. With a love for Native wildlife, Ethel’s work frequently features birds and other animals - becoming her trademark style. Her work showcases her immense talent and exquisite eye for design.


Ethel has honourably received The Cairns Airport Innovation Award (Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre, CIAF 2019) and The Strand of Ephemera (Townsville Artistic Excellence Award).


Artist: Ethel Murray
Cultural Group: Jirrbal / Girramay

Materials: Non-Traditional Materials
Dimensions: 7cm x 23cm x 23cm
Cat #318-15

Woven Basket by Ethel Murray

SKU: 318-15