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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

***Warning, this sale mentions an esteemed artist now deceased.


S. Murray (Dec) was a Jirrbal woman of the Davidson Creek area. She lived at the Jumbun Community at Murray Upper and was a skilled weaver of the traditional Gundala basket, a coil basket made with a split lawyer cane, and the traditional small grass mindi basket. Sally was also an emerging painter and potter. She drew on her feeling for the landscape to visually express the environment and stories of her cultural heritage.


Sally passed on her traditional knowledge to the children and other members of the community through weaving workshops and field trips. Her work is included in a number of major institutional collections including Queensland Art Gallery and University of Queensland Art Museum. Her final large scaled work was included in a sculptural installation commission for the Cairns Performing Arts Centre.


Sadly, S. Murray passed away in 2020. This artwork represents a very special collectable from S. Murray as no further work was produced.

Artist: S. Murray
Language Group: Jirrbal
Catalogue Number: GAAC214-19
Medium: Earth Pigments and Paint Pen on Paper
Size: 76 cm x 57cm


SKU: GAAC214-19
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