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Gather, Gathers, Gathering

Tonya Grant is a Jirrbal woman of the Davidson Falls area, north of Cardwell.


Tonya is a painter and draws on traditional colours, patterns and design for her inspiration, in particular drawing on the cyclone motif associated with her naming place. Her work is held in a number of private and institutional collections including the Art Gallery of South Australia, Queensland Art Gallery, the Cairns Regional Gallery, Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra.


Tonya’s work has also been used to promote the Echo Creek Cultural Centre where she works as a tour guide, demonstrator and tutor of cultural practices.


Artist: Tonya Grant
Cultural Group: Jirrbal
Dimensions: 1200mm x 1220mm

Material: Acrylic on Canvas
Cat # TG1022

Painting: 'Cyclone'

SKU: TG1022