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Artist | Michelle Weare
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Jirrbal Traditional Owner
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Michelle Weare is a Jirrbal woman, based outside of Cardwell, Queensland. 


Known for her enchanting accessories, The Michelle Weare Collection is a best seller. With statement pieces consisting of earrings, bracelets and necklaces - Michelle delivers. Made from the seasonal collecting and harvesting of natural seeds, they are then hand-sorted and cured using cultural methods. 


Traditionally, these items were made by the old people, threaded on hand spun bush string and worn predominately for ceremony. For Michelle, these pieces are full of story. It is her way of sharing loving childhood memories of growing up in rainforest country. 

Michelle is also a skilled painter. Her abstract pieces depict multidimensional rainforest scenes. Michelle’s work has featured in many exhibitions. This includes the 2018 CIAF Curated Exhibition and the 2014 Cairns Indigenous Art Fair.

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