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Artist | Abe Muriata
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Girramay Traditional Owner
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Abe Muriata is a Girramay man of the Cardwell Range area. 


A self-taught weaver of the lawyer cane jawun, Abe explores different techniques to create finely crafted bi-cornual baskets unique to the rainforest people.  Abe taught himself the weaving technique from watching his grandmother make them when he was a child and by studying old examples in museums and galleries. 


He is inspired by the precision of craftsmanship of jawun created by his ancestors.  Abe also creates different manifestations of jawun by using other materials like ceramics and recycled and non-traditional materials. Abe also creates traditional rainforest shields made in the traditional manner and painted with traditional ochres and designs. These shields were once used for sorting out disputes and for ceremonial purposes.

Abe represents both himself and the Girringun Aboriginal Art Centre at various events and conferences and is currently advocating with the Indigenous Art Code and Arts Law Australia on the Fake Art Harms Culture program which is aimed at introducing legislation to protect the rights of Indigenous artists.

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